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I’ve gotten a ton of requests for us to make elderberry syrup gummies - while we won’t be selling them, I wanted to share an option to make them using Sweet’s Syrup. There are several recipes online and I played around with this one by Wellness Mama (who you should follow if you don’t already!!). They’re different than your typical gummy and have more of a Jell-O consistency - less dense and more wiggly. My kids tore them up, loved them - my husband and I weren’t fans of the texture. We’ll continue to take Sweet’s in syrup form, but hope that this might be a good way to get persnickety palates to take it as well! Elderberry syrup is so awesome for kids and such a powerful way to boost their immune systems and prevent colds, coughs, the flu and help with seasonal allergies! I do really like that the mold we got is a teaspoon dose - our kids tend to get WAY more than that so this helps the bottle last longer!

Big tip…. Read the whole recipe (I should have…am NOTORIOUS for not reading all the steps before starting and messing up - you’ll see in the photos….) Also, I had the kids helping me (again, should have read the directions…) which, depending on age, wasn’t the best idea as you have to act FAST with the gelatin, turns to solid quickly. All that said, the recipe is very easy and quick to make - we knocked them out in less than like 5 minutes! Also important to note that these will last up to a week in the fridge - freeze what you don’t think you will use in that time.

You’ll need:

  • Molds (I got these off Amazon and like that they are a teaspoon, kid dosage) However two trays was not enough - I had some leftover and quickly put them in ice cube trays.

  • Medicine dropper

  • Coconut oil - I like the spray from Trader Joes (use all the time cooking)

  • 1 cup of Sweet’s Syrup

  • 1/2 cup of hot (but not boiling) water

  • 1/4 cup of gelatin powder - I bought Vital Proteins Unflavored Beef Gelatin. Lots of collagen and digestion benefits - not a vegetarian or vegan product. I looked for different plant based recipes (which I would prefer) and read agar is an option, but results in a very weird texture.


To make them is just a few steps but the key is to act fast - this is the part of the recipe I failed to read and as my kids were dilly-dallying pouring it into the molds, it turned to gel in like a minute - MOVE FAST! We used a medicine dropper and it solidified in the dropper - took me forever to get it out!

First you need to grease the molds so the gummies don’t stick - this was easy to do with the Trader Joe’s coconut oil spray.

Then put 1/4 cup of cooled elderberry syrup in a 2 cup measuring cup and whisk QUICKLY in the 1/4 cup of gelatin powder.


Also quickly add the 1/2 cup of hot water and quickly stir it up until smooth. Then add the rest of the elderberry syrup in and keep whisking until smooth.

As fast as you can, pour into the molds - we used a medicine dropper. It will thicken FAST, like right before your eyes which makes it really messy and hard to fill. See how nice and neat the first gummy bears are?! Then check out the rest that I just had to pour and quickly spread with a spatula…. You can also add a drop of Vitamin D for added benefit!

Taking their time, when I should have been reading the full recipe…You can almost see the mixture turning to gel!

Taking their time, when I should have been reading the full recipe…You can almost see the mixture turning to gel!

Just like Martha! :) We got like 10 good lookin’ ones

Just like Martha! :) We got like 10 good lookin’ ones

Put in the fridge and they will continue to harden. Pop them out and store them in an airtight container - I used a mason jar and they’re kinda a big blob now… Layering with parchment paper would keep nice and neat. Again, these will last about a week and you can freeze what you won’t eat during that time.

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