What is Sweet's Syrup?

Sweet’s Syrup is an elderberry syrup that contains local raw honey to provide cold, flu, and allergy relief. When taken regularly, elderberry syrup serves as an immune booster and naturally fights allergies.

Elderberry syrup has been clinically proven to shorten the duration and severity of the flu.

Sweet's Syrup is a combination of natural and organic ingredients that helps fight respiratory diseases, strengthens the immune system, prevents illnesses like the cold or flu, and reduces inflammation. We exclusively use local raw unpasteurized honey from Herb's Honey which targets what is currently blooming in the Charlotte, NC region to naturally fight allergies. Sweet’s Syrup also contains organic elderberries, and organic and fair trade spices (ginger, cinnamon, and cloves). Each ingredient serves a specific purpose whether it is to alleviate cold and cough symptoms or to fight allergies and disease.

Sweet’s Syrup stands out from other elderberry syrups found on the shelf because we do not use the “hot-pour” method. This technique kills bacteria and increases the shelf-life longevity without refrigeration. Hot-pouring kills beneficial enzymes found in the local raw honey, which is why our elderberry syrup can be found at local retailers near you in the refrigerated section.