The Medicinal Berry: Epicurean Charlotte on Sweet's Syrup

In search of a way to reduce toxins in food that her family consumed, Stephanie Rickenbaker started her journey to discover food as medicine. In the latest article of Epicurean Charlotte: Food + Wine Magazine, Linda Seligman writes that Sweet's Syrup started as a passion project to produce an elderberry syrup for her family. In addition to building immunity, the syrup is a natural remedy for colds, cough, flu, and seasonal allergies.

Word of Rickenbaker's elderberry syrup and it's healing properties quickly spread through a local Charlotte, NC mom's Facebook page. From there, the small business has flourished into one of the Queen City's must-haves. Sweet's Syrup is for anyone looking for natural remedies and improving wellness.

Read the full article about Sweet's Syrup in Epicurean Charlotte.

Try Sweet's Syrup and naturally boost your immune system through the healing power of food. Locate it in the refrigerated section of our local retailers. Want to carry our natural remedy in your store? Become a retailer and spread the word: #foodismedicine.

Photo by Lydia Bittner-Baird

Photo by Lydia Bittner-Baird

Stephanie Rickenbaker