Charlotte Agenda Features Sweet's Syrup

Sweet's Syrup lands in the Charlotte Agenda by way of Ted Williams, Publisher and Senior Writer for the popular Charlotte, NC blog. Williams and his two-year-old son are fans of Sweet's Syrup and wanted to share the news about the immune boosting elderberry syrup. 

The article in the Charlotte Agenda highlights the rapid growth of Stephanie Rickenbaker's business, the booming popularity of the elderberry syrup, and the rave reviews she's received from the community. Sweet's Syrup has been flying off of the shelf of local retailers and becoming a popular item to purchase at local farmer's markets and events. Most recently, Sweet's Syrup was served at Hippie Fest 2017.

Testimonials for Sweet's Syrup include reviews from a local medical doctor, moms, and a reputable health coach.

What is Charlotte Agenda? A local news blog for the city of Charlotte, Charlotte Agenda started as a new sources written for millennials showcasing events and food+drink hot spots in the Queen city. As the has blog grown, it is now a vital source of information for local Charlotteans. The blog covers things to do, events, real estate, job listing resource, and other happenings in Charlotte, NC, including the buzz surrounding Sweet's Syrup.

Read the full article in the Charlotte Agenda.

Need to try it for yourself? Locate a retailer near you and pick up your bottle of immune boosting elderberry syrup. Already love it and want to share? Become a retailer for Sweet's Syrup.



Stephanie Rickenbaker