How much and how often should I take Sweet's Syrup?

Suggested dosage is 1 teaspoon for children and 1 tablespoon for adults.  Our family takes one dose daily during flu season to boost our immunity and prevent illness. If you are sick or feel something coming on, take a dose every 3 hours to help knock it out. If you suffer from seasonal allergies, I recommend starting a daily dose a month before your trigger season begins.

How long does Sweet’s Syrup last while refrigerated?

Sweet's Syrup must be refrigerated and will be good for 90 days.

Is Sweet's Syrup safe to take while pregnant?

Ask your Obstetrician about Sweet’s, since it does contain unpasteurized honey. Contact us if you would like a bottle of "ElderBaby" Sweet’s Syrup made with organic coconut nectar instead of honey.

Is Sweet's Syrup safe for nursing mamas?

Yes! Elderberry Syrup is approved by numerous Lactation Consultants. However, I always recommend consulting your physician before adding any new herbal remedies.

At what age can I start giving my little one Sweet's Syrup?

One of the ingredients is unpasteurized honey, which is not safe for infants because of botulism risk. We carry an "ElderBaby" Syrup made with coconut nectar instead, which provides many of the same health benefits of standard Sweet’s.  I conservatively recommend ElderBaby for ages 10-18 months.  After that, the regular Sweet’s is safe and healthy!

Any tips for picky eaters?

I consider myself a picky eater EXPERT.

  • From the start, I discourage referring to Sweet’s as medicine of any sort. Call it magic syrup, num-num, honey juice… or even Sweet’s Syrup!  One family named it “the good stuff”!  
  • For smaller toddlers, try a medicine syringe.  It fits perfectly into the pint-size Sweet’s bottle.  For older toddlers, make Sweet’s special and different by using a fun shot glass!
  • Sweet’s tastes delicious mixed into yogurt, oatmeal or a smoothie.  It also pairs well with whiskey, for picky eaters of the adult variety.

I don’t live in North Carolina.  Will Sweet's Syrup still benefit me?

If you are looking for an immune boost or natural remedy for colds, coughs and the flu then yes, Sweet's Syrup can help!  If you’re looking for allergy relief, it’s important to use a syrup containing honey made in your area.  Sweet’s uses honey with pollen spores collected by bees from North Carolina foliage, so it helps build immunity against those specific trees and plants.  Please reach out to me if you'd like a custom batch of Sweet’s made from your local honey.

I’m not in Charlotte.  How can I order Sweet’s Syrup?

You can order Sweet's Syrup through our Etsy Shop online.