Testimonials_Sweet's Syrup


As a medical doctor, I love Sweet's syrups for cold, flu, and daily immune support. My kids love it, which helps, and I have to hide it since it tastes so yummy and they just want to pretend to be sick to drink it. Better yet though, it has studied medicinal properties that are well summarized on the University of Maryland link http://umm.edu/health/medical/altmed/herb/elderberry

We have used various forms of the elderberry syrup but I really prefer the taste of the Sweet's syrups and am convinced that local raw honey has added benefits, including seasonal allergies. I highly recommend this product because it is also made with love and the desire to improve the health of those who use it.

- Cammy Benton, MD, Benton Integrative Medicine

As a health coach, I take great care in the supplements that I recommend to my clients. I recommend Sweet's Syrup for the antioxidant boost it provides and the simplicity of its ingredients. I use it with my own family, and recommend it without reservations to my friends and clients. Anyone looking to boost their immune system will want to try Sweet's Syrup!

- Haynes Pascall, Health Coach, www.therightbite.com

My family has been devoted to elderberry syrup for three years. With three kids in preschool we get every germ imaginable in our house! Amazingly, these last few years, we have missed the flu and the major tummy bugs going around. My kids love the taste- we have mixed it in oatmeal and yogurt. The kids never let me forget to give Sweet's in the mornings before we leave for school!

- Sloan C.

My kids, both preschool age, haven't been sick with more than a short-lived cold this season. That's got to be in large part to their daily dose of Sweet's, which is a standard part of oatmeal!

-Nikki C.

We never run out of Sweet's at our house--it's become a staple and favorite routine! My daughter started coming down with a cold and Sweet's was our go-to. By the next morning, she was 100% better. We swear by it!

-Kristy B.

Organic ingredients, local honey, wonderfully crafted — what’s not to love?! The taste is amazing, and my family has seen the benefits of this amazing elixir first hand. At the first sign of a cold, we start using this immediately, and during cold & flu, this becomes a daily preventive regime for us. We’ve not been to the doctor in over year besides our well visit, and I know Sweet’s is part of the reason why.

-Shawn B.

Love Sweets! We ran out and my daughter has been sick for three days, just picked up a new bottle to help her on the mend.

-Sarah G.

So I moved down to NC from NY 2 years ago. I didnt even know what allergies were until I moved down here. All I know is that every Winter I would have to take several weeks off to recover from colds and flus. So I moved. Come to find out Sweets Syrup was an amazing, clean product that not just helped with my colds but also helped me battle the allergies I never had before. I have been taking the syrup, that I first picked up at a local health food store, and I haven't stopped taking my tablespoon a day yet. I am happy to say I haven't been sick since I've started taking it. I love knowing that this product is organic, clean, and had very few ingredients in comparison to other big brand companies that fill their syrup with fillers and junk. I love it! I will be a customer for life!

- Kirsten C.

I started my family on Elderberry syrup this holiday season after a couple of years of sinus infections, upper respiratory infections and the flu. It’s decreased the duration of our colds and kept them from turning into something worse. It’s amazing and I would definitely recommend it.

-Kim B.

We love this for our whole family! Helps keep our three school aged daughters immune systems stay strong day to day and not missing school during the flu and cold season. 
Also helps with our seasonal allergies! Love that this is all natural ingredients and we are not needing antibiotics or other over the counter products with ingredients you can’t pronounce when they are not necessary!

-Kristen M.

I've tried lots of the many elderberry products out there and this by far is the best ever! They use a combination of top ingredients for immunity which i like and the ingredients are very high quality! There is no sugar, artificial flavors, fillers like a lot of the others out there. Plus this stuff taste amazing!!!!!! I can tell huge difference when i use their product

-Randi B.

We love Sweet’s syrup! It’s the best elderberry syrup, it helps keep our family healthy, especially the young kids! The owner is so great too, she’s always super nice and helpful!

- Elaine U.

Sweet’s Syrup is hands down the best supplement we’ve ever taken. Last year was my first year in teaching in 16 years that I didn’t take a sick day for myself - besides getting the flu, but no doubt taking Sweet’s shortened it for my boys and myself. I recommend to everyone I know and pass!

-Liz B.

We love Sweet’s, it has been a liefesaver for my girls in keeping those school germs out of our house! My youngest has asthma and Sweet’s has helped her allergies and kept her healthier. Not only do we love the health benefits but the girls love the taste as well!

-Nicole G-D.

Our family loves Sweets Syrup. My children take it each morning and have been for the last 2 years. The number of times they have missed school for illness is much lower than before Sweets Syrup. It tastes great, and I love that it’s a natural remedy that really works!!

-Emily P.