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Sweet’s Syrup combines organic elderberries with raw local honey and spices specifically chosen for their individual properties plus great flavor.

Our ingredient list is short, SWEET, and 100% pronounceable!

What's In Our Syrup

Organic Austrian Elderberries

Sweet's Syrup uses the finest organic elderberries from the Styrian region of Austria. Hippocrates, the Greek Father of Medicine, called elderberry his “medicine chest” for its variety of uses.

Raw Honey

Sweet’s is found in the refrigerator section because our honey is unpasteurized - and that’s intentional. Other elderberry syrups “hot pour” their mixture, destroying the honey’s beneficial live enzymes. Sweet’s holds onto every bit of the goodness in its honey, harvested four times a year across nine North Carolina counties by Charlotte-based Herb’s Honey.

Organic Cinnamon

We use Organic Ceylon Cinnamon, which is finely textured and difficult to find. It’s considered “true cinnamon.”

Organic Ginger

Organic ginger provides sweetness and warmth.

Organic Cloves

Sweet's flavor profile is rounded out with aromatic organic cloves.

Our Story

After a loved one was diagnosed with a chronic illness, Stephanie Rickenbaker got serious about clean living. She reduced her family’s exposure to toxins and learned about boosting health through nutrition.

During this journey, Stephanie developed an organic elderberry syrup.  Her daughter, nicknamed "Sweet," loved the syrup so much that Stephanie named it for her.  In a short time, Sweet's Syrup catapulted from a kitchen creation sold among friends to a household name. Sweet’s is available online and in shops across the Carolinas and Georgia.

Sweet’s Syrup practices environmental stewardship by packaging with recyclable materials and sourcing organic, sustainably farmed ingredients whenever possible.

The Sweet’s team is committed to helping you achieve better health through delicious, organic products delivered with honesty and exceptional customer satisfaction.

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