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Traveling is my favorite thing to do - feeds my soul. When we travel, Sweet’s Syrup comes along. Here are some tips to safely take it with you!

Sweet’s needs to stay cold.  We require this because we went to keep the honey raw and not kill the beneficial live enzymes.  Here are a few options depending on your flying time:



This is me 95% of the time. I HATE checking bags and do what I can to avoid it. That means I have to limit my carry-on liquids to 3.4 oz or less. This has been my experience the past year:  TSA has gotten a lot more lenient about the size of the clear ziplock bag. On my last several flights I’ve filled half of a gallon-size ziplock and brought 4 mini bottles with me - much more than the stated quart.  I'm making no guarantees and it seems every airport is so different. (Follow the rules in London to a tee - they don’t mess around!)

I re-purpose 2-oz liquor airplane bottles from the ABC Store (or buy new ones online) and fill with Sweet's using a little funnel. I also save 3-oz freezer packs from refrigerated deliveries and use these in my ziplock bag. Voila!


wrap the bottle with a gel ice pack and then bubble wrap around both!

Nestle your bottle next to a gel ice pack, and then bubble wrap around both!


If you are checking a bag you can bring a full sized bottle. If you are going on a longer flight I recommend freezing your syrup and the ice pack.   Then bubble wrap them together.  (If the ice pack is outside the bubble wrap it won't help.) 

DOUBLE bag in a gallon size zip lock, and pack it in the middle of the suitcase so your stuff can provide cushion.

When you get to your destination, remember to put it straight into the fridge!

Have safe and healthy travels!

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